Travel Smarter, Save Money, And Accumulate Lots Of Points

“You still PAY for travel?!”

Things are changin’ in travel and this question is becoming more and more common.

Traveling smarter, saving money, and accumulating lots of points doing everyday things is what it’s all about now!

If you’re an adventurer at heart…

a mental nomad with a desire to have the freedom and ability to travel the world in style, more often, and for less…


So, let’s erase the common myths of VIP travel.

Myth #1: VIP travel means paying for first class accommodations.

I have two words for you: buying power.

Think about this for a minute…

The concept of a wholesale buying club has worked out really, REALLY well for companies like Sam’s Club and Costco (hundreds of millions of memberships sold) to sell things like toilet paper and peanut butter, right?

They even offer different levels of membership, based on the level of service you want from them.

Someone actually had the genius idea of taking this idea and expanding it into travel in the same way Uber took an existing idea (taxis) and expanded it…

the same way Skype took an existing idea (long distance communication) and expanded it.

Basically, someone had the vision to take an existing idea (travel) and expand it using a combination of proven model along with an advanced digital platform.

Think “Costco meets Facebook” here.

The result : VIP travel and experiences are available to everyone now, not just celebrities.

Myth #2: You have to build up frequent flyer miles for years.

Remember, ‘hacks’ are nothing more than introductions to new ideas or even expansion of existing ideas.

So, who’s to say you can’t simply speed up the process of accumulating points and miles without necessarily traveling more often…?

That’ll mess with your head if you ARE a frequent flyer!

You “can” rack up FF miles over years of flying (why not?), and even by playing the credit card game (applying for credit cards that award you a ton of points up front over and over), which will ultimately ruin your credit.

I’m a huge fan of acquiring as many points and miles as humanly possible.

There are simply ways to speed up the process of point and mile accumulation so you can travel in style, for less, and more often!

It’s a concept I call “triple dipping”.

So keep building up those FF miles year after year, but why not do it faster and bigger?

Myth #3: Work and vacation are separate.

This is my favorite because it requires the biggest shift in thinking.

Again, because of technology, systems, and networks you can now create a lifestyle where both work and vacation are (or can be) one.

This is the life I’ve been living for quite some time now.

There are many different ways to create location independence. I have dabbled in many.

It’s been scientifically proven that vacations have immense health benefits and so does work…if you love it.

If you work a job you love, I commend you because it’s rare these days.

But the fact remains that you are likely location DEPENDENT or you’re bound to someone else’s agenda and goals in life.

Sorry, but that’s the reality of it.

Work and vacation CAN be one in the same, but you must get a basic understanding of how digital systems work in today’s world of part or full time entrepreneurship. It’s where the world is heading…heck, it’s probably already more there already than not there.

When you have this basic understanding, then it’s entirely possible to simply lease someone else’s system to help build your freedom, just like many people when leasing a car…

You have the time to travel more often WHILE you put in some time working.

“Workations”, as I lovingly call them, are actually really REALLY fun (Heather and I take them all the time now) because you can prop your feet up on the railing overlooking spectacular views from your room, or work anywhere you’d like.

Myth #4: Luxury VIP travel is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

I prefer to say “Luxury VIP travel is a once in a weekstime opportunity” or a “once in a monthstime opportunity”.

It’s all in the perspective you have.

Once you’ve embraced the concepts in travel that are now available AND taken advantage of them you will be able to expand your mind in ways you likely didn’t know was possible. All because you have had new experiences or better ones like you’ve never had before.

When you combine that with entrepreneurship and the right digital systems you’ll start thinking in terms of “where do I want to go next month?” instead of “where can I AFFORD to go next YEAR?”.

See the difference?

Myth #5: Luxury VIP travel is too ‘above’ me.

If you believe this then my advice to you is read a book called The Magic Of Thinking Big by David Schwartz.

Here’s the bottom line:

The old way of travel is dead.

Rather, it’s in the process of dying.

No more spending hours on the Internet with dozens of open windows trying to compare all the deals from various vendors…

No more wondering if what you do end up booking is what you end up getting…

No more paying 100% for your vacations and experiences…

No more having to plan your own excursions…

No more spending hours trying to figure out the latest travel hack to save a few bucks or earn a few more points…

No more relying ONLY on the same normal travel hacks to save money and travel better.

You’re ready to abandon the old way just like everyone else, right?

As you nod your head in agreement, I want you to think back to that bucket list vacation you’ve not yet taken…that bucket list experience you’ve not yet had.

Can you see it?

OF COURSE YOU CAN, so luxury VIP travel NOT above you. It may just be above most of your conscious thoughts because you’re thinking about your current situation INSTEAD of your future situation.

Isn’t it true?

Look, over the years I’ve studied human psychology for the sole purpose of learning why I wasn’t where I wanted to be at various points…

to learn how to think about the right things instead of the wrong things.

Basic human emotion is this:

We ALL want more or better than our current situation, even though every situation is different.

The difference is always the openness of the mind to new ideas and concepts…

AND the willingness to take action on them.

Some people were highly “skeptical” when they learned you could talk to someone on the other side of the world…

for free. (Skype)

Some people were skeptical when they learned you could stream any movie you wanted right into your living room…

without leaving the house. (Netflix)

Some people were skeptical when they learned you could summon a private driver to take you anywhere you wanted…

all from an app on your phone, for a fraction the cost of a dirty taxi. (Uber)

There was even a point in time where people were skeptical and thought it was unrealistic to have a smart phone that was more like a computer we carried everywhere with us.

We all know how that skepticism turned out.

OK. Enough philosophy.


As of the writing of this ebook my wife and I have taken 18 vacations in about a year and a half…

We’ve travelled all over the world to various bucket list destinations…

had amazing experiences…

And most recently we’ve started to put our points accumulation on steroids!

All because of this unique concept that didn’t exist just a few short years ago.

To top it all off…

We then figured out how to “triple dip” and “quadruple dip” as I like to call it…

by using our favorite miles credit cards in unison with the technology perks of being a part of this incredible idea, and voila!

We often triple and now even QUADRUPLE the points we earn…

And also earn free VIP travel and experiences.

Professional award mile travelers invest huge amounts of time reviewing deals and leveraging their points…

In many cases, brokering, optimizing and leveraging reward miles is a part time or full time job.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of all this without all the hassle.

Just go out and live your life…

And earn points.

Simple as that.

If you nab a points earning credit card or two along the way…


You’ve just added even more steroids to your points earning power.

We always want to focus on how you can gain more unique and memorable experiences too…

how you can have more freedom…

how you can live a VIP lifestyle…

all while saving money and even doing it all for free, or darn close to it…

Imagine you’re already plugged into a unique digital platform and technology that provided you with this…

That gave you POINTS for doing things you already do every day anyway like…

getting gas for your car…

dining out…

paying for child care…

picking up a few things at the store…

going bowling with friends…

enjoying a date night with your loved one…

And these points, each and every one of them…

were the equivalent of $1USD in value!

AND you could accumulate as MANY as you wanted…

and apply them toward unique VIP experiences and travel.

Would I have your attention?

What if I went further to remind you…

that all your points earning credit cards would now allow you to double, triple, and even QUADRUPLE the rate at which you accumulated points?

And what if I further said…

that all these points can be applied to every day travel, curated VIP vacations, wine, and tons of other products you already buy anyway?

Essentially, while you live your life…

you’ll be earning points that you can apply to yet more experiences.

If you’re reading this thinking, “What the…?!”

Then you’re thinking EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT when I first learned this was even possible.

I’m going to share with you some COMMON TRAVEL HACKS that you can earn points regardless of whether you take advantage of new technology I’ve been mentioning…

then you can imagine ALL THESE POINTS multiplied if you intend to become a VIP travel hacker when you DO take advantage of it.

You’d have to be living under a rock to now know by now that award travel is used by tens of thousands of people to fly for free…

So here are some common travel hacks you may or may not be aware of:

1. Consolidate Your Travel During Bonus Periods

Keep all promo emails from your award travel providers…

Skim those e-mails looking for special promotions.

ALWAYS sign up for every promotion…

even if you don’t meet the minimums, sign up.

You are earning equity and you never know when you will be able to cash it in.

2. Buy The Flight Upgrade With Points

The idea of free flights or a complimentary hotel stay is attractive…

however quite often, the best bang for your buck is to use your points for the upgrade.

Don’t spend $1,800 for a business class flight…

Shop well, pay $800 for coach, then upgrade with your award points.

The value-savings equation is much higher.

Once you start traveling more frequently, you can often get the upgrades WITHOUT even using your award points.

Ask for an upgrade when you book your coach ticket.

This should get your ticket marked with the booking symbol Y or B…

When seats open up in the next class, you should get a complimentary upgrade.

This can work well when you are a frequent traveler and registered with the carrier as such.

3. Buy One Way Tickets, Twice

Strange as it sounds, I almost always book one-way tickets.

The VIP lifestyle means I don’t have to plan things out months in advance, of course…this is the freedom I speak of.

but it also means I can piece together separate airlines and schedules to accomplish what I want…to save money.

4. Ethical Point Laundering

You can seriously hijack award points/miles with what is commonly referred to as “manufactured spending.”

The process is simple enough.

Essentially you just find different credit cards that offer tons of miles for getting it.

There are blogs out there that rate them.

Many cards offer a signup bonus of 40,000 points (miles) when you spend $4,000 (or whatever) on purchases in the first 3 months of opening an account. The nominal annual fee is well worth it when you max out those points.

You simply purchase cash-like products (government issued securities, cash gift cards) to fulfill the monetary “purchase” requirement, then cash them in to pay off your credit cards.

It is a closed-loop system where the money moves around and you are only responsible for the small cost of the transaction fees.

Some of these loopholes are closed, so be sure to check the offering details.

To learn more about how we travel for free, send us a private message on one of our social media accounts, or email us.

I'm a location independent entrepreneur (2 decades strong). I've written a book endorsed by the Napoleon Hill foundation (Think And Grow Rich) and I teach entrepreneurship and how to create leveraged income for freedom. I LOVE travel, new experiences, nice dogs, great wine, and laughing at haters.

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