Travel Smarter, And Reap The Benefits Of An Online Business That Helps You And Others Travel For Free

To travel the world is one thing…

To EXPERIENCE the world in VIP style is taking the idea to a whole new level.

The concept of doing it for free or close to it makes the whole concept sound rather sexy…wouldn’t you agree?

But what does ‘experience the world in VIP style’ mean exactly?

For some that evokes thoughts of visiting exotic lands, embarking on new and exciting adventures to places you’ve never been, doing things you have always dreamt of, staying in amazing hotels and resorts, and eating amazing foods.

For others it evokes thoughts of exclusive access, bonus amenities and upgrades, special views, and unique treats. The concept of this type of lifestyle normally requires a bank account with a few extra commas or zeros in it.

Until now. Yes, my friend…things in the world of travel are a changin’!

To give you a point of reference, think about Skype…

Whether you use it or not, it’s an International brand with an International audience that cast a wide enough net and got so big that a little company by the name of Microsoft came along and decided they need to buy them out.


Because Skype (along with the Internet) virtually killed the long distance industry and forever changed the way we communicate with people all over the world.

All because of a technology platform, right?

To expand on the reference, think about Uber…

Whether you use this service or not, it’s now an International brand with an International audience of not just users of the service, but also DRIVERS.

So they have not only forever changed the taxi industry and made billions of dollars in profit in the process…they have also created OPPORTUNITY for people to make money from it if they choose.

Again, all because of a technology platform they created that brought people together. Remember, as of this writing they own ZERO cars.

These are all independent drivers.

I could go on and on suggesting companies like YouTube, Facebook, AirBnb…

and tons of others like them that became giants by SHARING GREAT THINGS, even in some cases offering incentives to invite friends, family, and others to their respective platforms.

And much like Uber, these other platforms offer various types of opportunity to earn from their platform as well.

For example, Facebook and YouTube both offer opportunities to earn money by purchasing some of their traffic and pushing it to something you want to share/sell to others you don’t know.

You see, the world we live in is very cyclical.

All that means is that everything is tied together somehow and success ALWAYS leaves clues.

Most people never take the time to study those clues.

I always have.

I’ve learned over the years as it pertains to my love of travel and new experiences: the importance of FREEDOM of time and money in order to do as much of it as you want, whenever you want, however you want, and as often as you want.

Pipe dream you say?


Start accepting the idea and concept that you CAN have freedom in your life and you CAN travel and experience the world…

And yes, even your own back yard- in luxury VIP style withOUT the VIP bank account…

Because it’s real.  Very real.

You see, freedom –to me- is having an automated (or at least semiautomated) income that exceeds my expenses…

Even if only by $1.

Freedom is having the time to do and experience the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. Freedom is spending all the time I want with friends and family creating new memories.

I know you agree with this.

I’ve learned how to travel and experience my city, my region, my country, and the world like a VIP without the need to have a massive bank account.


Money SAVED is actually money earned…as long as you are investing it properly.

Yes, because of technology you can now earn your way to this VIP lifestyle I speak of for free – or close to it.

You see, information shared is knowledge gained.

If you want to travel more, have more peak life experiences, create microfreedoms in your life so you actually have more time to simply “think” and ponder your next trip or chapter in life…

If you want to see what it’s like to not live your entire life around a budget that constricts your higher faculties…

If you simply would love to know how to add more fun, freedom, and fulfillment to your life….

Then you’re already loving what VIP Travel Hacks is about!

I’ve always wanted to travel the world. I just could not figure out how to do it as often as I wanted, for as long as I wanted, or in the way I wanted because of…

time and money.

Sound familiar?

This is almost the entire reason I became a part time, then full time entrepreneur…

Because of the freedom it provides when done the right way.

Now I travel all over the world…often. And I do it with all the best upgrades, top resorts, cool experiences along the way, and guess what?

I never worry about time or money anymore.


Because I now have a location independent business…

Now, we literally RAKE in points by going out to eat, shop online, even play golf or when Heather gets her hair done!

‘Hacks’ are nothing more than introductions to new ideas or even expansion of existing ideas.

And the same is true with ‘TRAVEL HACKS’…

They are nothing more than introductions to new ideas or even expansion of existing ideas in TRAVEL.

The way business is done in today’s world is through what I like to call ‘social commerce’.

Think about it…

Social media is how word about a product or service can –and does travel like wildfire.

That’s why companies like Facebook, and even Uber or AirBnb exist (not to mention a ton of others)…

They ALL owe their exponential growth to some kind of technology platform AND a viral social network.

Yes, the world and the way business is done has been transformed because of social commerce and viral social networking. Plugging into the power of a global network and technology platform gives you this.

Combined with travel…

Well, paying for travel will soon be a thing of the past.

Just like paying for long distance and paying a premium to go to a movie theater for the latest movie.

So now ANYONE can dine, travel, and essentially LIVE like a VIP without the price tag associated with it.

All because of the power of a network.

Now imagine your world just as it is right now, but you’re already a PART of that network that provided you with this…

Hopefully by now I’ve established the need to open your mind to possibilities because what I’ve been describing to you is no longer a “What if…?”…it’s a “When are you going to take advantage?”

Networks provide leverage.

Leverage is defined as a mechanical advantage that creates the ability to move a larger force with a smaller one.

In business and entrepreneurship, I’ve learned, leverage is simply a lifestyle advantage that creates the ability to initiate large movements through the efforts of a network of people.

Exactly in the way that Facebook and YouTube grew into the giants they are today…

through viral social networking and the power of sharing.

When a video goes “viral” it means that it was either funny, shocking, educational, or something that touched someone’s emotional nerve.

Hence, it gets shared over and over and over again until it has millions and millions of views.

Same thing is happening here.

Combine the best elements of social media, the best elements of travel and unique experiences, and cutting edge, app driven technology…

then you have everything you need to travel the world in style, for less, and more often.

AND make money in the process.

“Travel” is not just going to a far away place…it’s being somewhere different for an amazing experience, right?

An amazing experience can take place locally in your own backyard as easily as it can take place in far away lands…

The experiences I am creating are priceless to me…

and now you can start creating more priceless memories too.

Experiencing the world in style can be done quite simply by applying what I’ve discovered…

And also accepting new ideas and concepts in app driven technologies…

It’s about the changes taking place RIGHT NOW in the travel industry.

So just imagine being able to take exotic dream trips around the world in VIP style, experience local dream trips, even dream days and dream nights ALL in VIP style so your life can be filled with more amazing experiences more often?

I’ve learned that ‘travel hacking’ goes FAR beyond points laundering, credit card games, and all the other standard, run of the mill hacks you can quickly and easily find implement….

Heck, I still do all these things.

There’s a difference between travel hacking and VIP travel hacking.

The millions of experiences, perks and richness of living the luxury lifestyle are available to anyone because of it.

With a healthy dose of curiosity, a dash of courage and the willingness to follow a proven path…

you can create not simply more experiences in your life…

you can also create a life filled with location independence, and more freedom.

To learn more about how we travel for free AND get paid to do it send us a private message on one of our social media accounts, or email us.

I'm a location independent entrepreneur (2 decades strong). I've written a book endorsed by the Napoleon Hill foundation (Think And Grow Rich) and I teach entrepreneurship and how to create leveraged income for freedom. I LOVE travel, new experiences, nice dogs, great wine, and laughing at haters.

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