The Top 5 Mobile Businesses You Can Start Part Time So You Can Quit Your Job

You’re strolling through the Vegas casinos with your finest sunglasses, best clothes, and freshest hairdo. Dang you look good. Doesn’t hurt that luck is on your side, and the money is FLOWING back into your pocket.

Okay, so maybe Vegas isn’t your thing, but how about a hiking through luscious rain forests or beach in Hawaii or some Caribbean island?  Or just imagine yourself standing on the deck of an amazing cruise ship as you gaze at a monumental glacier of frosty beauty, unlike anything you have ever seen before.   As you breathe in and out, you feel the icy air fill your lungs, and escape your body as a misty haze. The only thing that goes through your mind in the moment is just how incredible life really is.

Still not your cup of tea?

How about a river cruise on the Danube from Germany to Romania? Picture yourself dining on traditional Bavarian cuisine, guzzling down crisp beer, and listening to live music. Just two days later you’re in the beautiful city of Vienna, wandering through one of Europe’s finest fashion districts. And just five days after that, you are exploring the rich history of the Balkans in Belgrade. In less than two weeks you have seen multiple countries and countless beautiful sights.

Once you figure out how to build and operate a business online, situations like those mentioned above are just another ordinary week. You’ll have the freedom to be location independent, and travel as much as you desire.

And the truth of the matter is, why wouldn’t you go out and see the world if time and money were not an obstacle?  This is what most people cite as the reason they don’t travel more often:  time and money.

I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 1998 when the Internet was still pretty much in it’s infancy, as far as marketing goes.  I’ve started just about every kind of online business under the sun over the years and only ONE has ever provided me with real freedom that didn’t require constant baby sitting (more on that later).

With nearly 200 recognized countries, it seems a bit crazy to be confined in just one, right? But that’s exactly what you’re probably experiencing because you have a traveling and dynamic soul, but a job or business that is very much static.  Meaning, it’s completely dependent upon location AND probably doesn’t pay you anywhere near enough to do the things you want to do.

You don’t have to become a nomad in order to live the life of a frequent traveler.  And you don’t have to constantly travel just for business.  If you start the right kind of business, and it’s built the right way you can actually have the TIME to experience the frequent travel you dream of, but also have the resources to do it in style.

I’m not here to say there’s only one type of business you can start that leverages the Internet to provide you location independence and financial freedom, but I am saying that after having been starting and developing various online and social based businesses for nearly 20 years as of this writing I have found one and only one type of business that provides the three most important things to me:  time, location independence, and money.

But how do so many business owners manage to create businesses where they could travel at will? And more importantly, what kind of businesses did these “dare to be bold” individuals get involved in?

Sure, some of the tremendously brilliant individuals such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg managed to create titanic technology firms from practically nothing. But the reality is most remote business owners have found an underserved niche, and capitalized on it OR simply found a great idea already in place, plugged into some good systems, found a good mentor, and got to work.

Here’s the kicker:  the smartest entrepreneurs figure out that they can [should] start their businesses part time, before transforming them into a full time career.

So what kind of online businesses can be taken on part time, and where can you find them?

If you are still curious, and looking to take up a part time career which will eventually allow you to operate from anywhere, then here are 5 suggestions for the best remote businesses that you can get involved in with little more than just your keystrokes!

Network Marketing

Contrary to uneducated opinion, you do not have to possess any particular kind of personality trait or skill to be successful at networking marketing.  What is better referred to as network DISTRIBUTION, it’s much like affiliate marketing online, except with a ton more perks – IF you choose your company, products, and mentors well.

This is actually my favorite form of remote business because there is zero overhead, no customer fulfillment, low cost to get started and operate, and you get to surround yourself with positive people.

Once you get past the ridiculous misconceptions about this great business model, and if you take building it seriously, it provides you with not only great income, but great RESIDUAL income (which is the best kind of all because you do the work once, but the money keeps coming in).

Network marketing, the process of creating a vast network which is utilized to sell products or services, has become wildly popular in the last few decades. Network distribution is when money is made.  Essentially, network marketing is getting customers through direct networking whereas network distribution is getting the product out there through a network of people.

The business model for network marketing is pretty simple – grow a network of distributors who then have the opportunity sell products, and recruit additional distributors. After the sale of a product, the distributor and mentor who recruited them typically both get paid out. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Literally every kind of product imaginable is sold through direct sales, or networking.  Everything from makeup, healthcare, nutrition based good, legal, and yes…even travel.

Be wary though, as firms which compensate only on the recruitment of further members are considered pyramid schemes, and are illegal in multiple countries. Do your research if you are skeptic of the firm!

But with so many other options to make money, why should you choose to devote your time to a network marketing firm?

And the answer is pretty simple. It works.  More importantly, it creates residual income!

Though there is a fair bit of upfront effort in network marketing to sell products and grow your network, the hard labor put in early will pay off in the long run. There are plenty of individuals who can testify to just that.

The proven success of network marketing firms comes from many internal characteristics which are unique to the industry. Such as the fact that EVERY individual which joins will be guided by a mentor. A mentor who has already undergone trial by fire, and is looking to share their success with you. Sure they may get a small cut of your earnings, but the knowledge and advice that they provide you with is well worth it. And it doesn’t hurt that joining a network marketing firm is fast and easy, with the potential to have a decent income rather quick.

Ecommerce Store

Since the explosion of the internet in the early 90’s, the traditional brick and mortar shops which once dominated the consumer industry have been closing at an exponential rate.

With competitors such as Amazon, Eastbay, and Zappos offering identical products to in house shops, and often for a cheaper price, it only makes sense that many of those traditional shops have had to close their doors. The overhead alone of renting the building often forces the prices of goods to be higher, which in turn drives consumers away as the ecommerce market continues to offer lower prices.

However, when one door closes, another opens.

In the case of retail, many firms have decided to close their brick and mortar locations in exchange for a larger online presence. The dramatic change in the method of pursuit has also altered the way that many consumers shop, especially as more and more consumers shop from their mobile devices.

Yet there are findings which indicate that consumers still prefer to shop for certain goods in physical locations, due to either the sensory or social experience.

One finding by Price Water Cooper reported a 4% increase in the number of weekly brick and mortar shoppers in the US from 2015 to 2018. However, the increase pointed out an important flaw to certain industries looking to move into the ecommerce market – than not every product can, or should be, sold online.

Products such as electronics, technology, and home goods have served as great examples of product industries which have transferred well to the digital medium. So if you are an entrepreneur who has a passion for either a certain product or industry, then perhaps your next business move should be to start an ecommerce store.

Asides from being able to remotely operate, owning an ecommerce store has some serious perks.

Quite possibly the most obvious perk is that the internet simply never sleeps. Consumers purchase goods around the clock, 24/7, so there is a constant income stream at any given time of the day. And unlike traditional shops, ecommerce stores are quick to set up and easy to scale, so your potential income could be MASSIVE. That Hawaii vacation you always wanted to take the kids on could be right around the corner!

Travel Blogging

If you are the type who thoroughly researches an area before you decide to book any travel, then odds are you have already bumped into quite a few different travel blogs (a bit ironic wouldn’t you say?).

Many successful travel blogs started as humble online journals to update family and friends of whereabouts in the world, but quickly gained notoriety when the content appealed to far more individuals than just family members.

Since the rise of online journaling and blogging, travel blogging has ascended to be one of the most successful and lucrative of the blogging categories.

The idea behind travel blogging is relatively simple. It is a compilation of the experiences, culture, nature, architecture, people, or many other factors that travelers typically encounter while trotting around the globe. Seems like something that would be fun to look back on in 10 years, right?

Usually travel blogs feature a healthy mix of writing and photography, to further capture and hold the interest of the reader. However, there are now a fair amount of travel blogs which are primarily photography.

Furthermore, travel blogs are not a one size fits all, just like people’s preferences when traveling. Thus there are travel blogs for almost every category imaginable; such as ecofriendly traveling, luxury traveling, and culinary traveling. These niches allow for readers to choose from a wide variety of blogs, which they likely have some sort of an emotional attachment to, and are likely to return to for further information.

But how are these millions of travel bloggers all getting paid?

The truth is, not everyone is getting paid, and those who are have likely put loads of time into developing content which is extremely captivating. Still, you are likely wondering how these travel bloggers get paid!

Just like any marketing or networking job, it’s all about the connections. Thus, travel bloggers often link up with tourism boards, resorts, or agencies in order to create paid campaigns. The bloggers essentially promote the destination or resort to their readers via a campaign, and get paid for it. Easy!

But just promoting destinations doesn’t usually cut the bill for most travel bloggers, so they often get into the business of creating their own unique products, or get involved with affiliate marketing.

However, the best aspect of travel blogging is just living a life where you get PAID to travel. Not just getting paid as you travel, but getting paid to travel. Sure it may sound like a pipe dream to many of you, but it absolutely is possible, and tons of people are currently doing it.

So if you HATE that customer service job you have, then maybe consider making a travel blog and documenting that upcoming trip to South Africa!


One of the absolute oldest professions known to mankind is translating. Yes, translating!

Just think, there are thousands of spoken languages still to this day, from multiple different continents. So many languages in fact, that there is still no official known amount! And historically, in order to convey information from one culture to another, there was often the need for a translator.

Yes, it would be nice to have a Babel Fish which translated all of the world’s languages internally in your brain, but currently that just isn’t available. So until a device comes out that manages to do that, you will have to keep relying on translators.

Modern translation is far different than classical though – and far more lucrative.

Translators are nowadays given texts from firms looking to take products or services overseas, which need to be transcribed into the local language. The ease of doing business internationally has never been simpler, which has in turn opened doors for firms and translators.

But what makes translation a great option for a remote business is the frequency of work once in the industry, and the opportunity to make great money over a lifetime. If you are already bilingual, you are halfway there. Sure the other 50% is learning how to use the tools, software, and perfecting your written skills in your own native language – but none of those are nearly as difficult as learning an entirely new language.

Hence, if you want to utilize the language skills that you already have at your disposal, and possibly make some great cash while doing so, then maybe it’s time you consider a career in translating. 

Social Media Marketing

As social media has quickly integrated itself into the daily lives of billions of people, there has been a variety of opportunities for users and developers to monetize the platforms.

Just 20 years ago, social media was finding its roots in the first social media network, titled Six Degrees. The network was rather primitive compared to what you know today from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; however it was groundbreaking at the time. The site was based on the theory of the six degrees of separation, which states that any two humans are less than six degrees of separation away from each other at any given time.

Fast forward to modern times, and you can witness social media networks which allow users to buy and sell goods, send money, and entertain followers with live videos. Apparently just interacting with other members via chats and posts wasn’t enough!

However, the rapid change has allowed for both users and businesses to market themselves or their products with an unmatched ease. It has never been easier for firms to promote to individuals in their target market which have common likes, habits, and interests.

Therefore, there is a HUGE amount of firms looking for businesses or individuals to manage their social media accounts, in order to grow likes, followers, or conversions. Sure you can also shoot for being a social media star on your own, and trying to build your own brand, but that is a whole lot tougher.

So if you are already killing it on your own personal social media, then maybe it is time to pick up a few side jobs managing social media accounts! There are plenty of social media marketers such as Gary Vaynerchuk who can provide great tips and advice on how to really kick things off in the social media world. The demand for experienced social media businesses and managers is only going to get stronger over time, so jump on board before it is too late!

And like any remote business, building a career around being a social media manager has some awesome benefits. If you do manage to grow followers, and help convert more into sales, then you will quickly become a valuable asset to that firm. Once you have proved your worth, you can leverage that to earn higher end clients and businesses, since you already have a proven track record.

However, arguably the best aspect of managing social media is just how little effort is required to notice results. Any marketer with a few minutes of free time can push out a couple of fresh posts per day and help grow business. Too easy!

So if you can’t wait to get out and live life on your own terms and schedule, then maybe it truly is time to take up a remote job part time. The hard work you put in now will pay off fruitfully when you are rafting through some of New Zealand’s finest rivers – on your work day.

I live this type of lifestyle every day with my wife…freedom to choose how we spend our day because I’ve worked my tail off building the right kind of online based businesses the RIGHT way.  And you don’t have to pick one.  For example, I use a vast amount of social media marketing and systems from it to grow my network marketing business in travel.  So, essentially, every single week I’m introduced AUTOMATICALLY to as many people as I need to grow my business.

The best part?  My online systems also help me sort through those people to find the best ones…automatically.

See, there’s no such thing as a completely automated business.  If someone is trying to sell you on that idea, then run the other direction as fast as you can.

What are you waiting for, stop existing and start living!

I'm a location independent entrepreneur (2 decades strong). I've written a book endorsed by the Napoleon Hill foundation (Think And Grow Rich) and I teach entrepreneurship and how to create leveraged income for freedom. I LOVE travel, new experiences, nice dogs, great wine, and laughing at haters.

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