Why Vacationing Is Important to Your Health Now and As You Age

In today’s work environment, vacationing is something that is often put off.  People tend to work consistently, especially in America, and save vacation time for retirement. The health benefits of vacationing are vast, and when you combine more frequent getaways along with eating healthy on vacation you will not only be extending your life, but also injecting more vitality into all areas of it at the same time.

What many people fail to realize are the benefits of getting away from the normal work routine and being able to relax. It’s understandable that some might fear the idea of requesting a vacation as it can come off as being lazy or trying to escape but going on vacation will actually help you now and in the future.

Society’s stigmas on health is drifting where it’s being taken seriously and studies have shown the positive benefits getting time to yourself has shown physically and psychologically.

A Stress Reliever

It’s a no-brainer that going on vacation will definitely relive some stress that has been built up and give the body to repair some of the damage. The reason this is so important is because stress is often related to many sickness and diseases.

Even though stress is a physiological response to keep us safe, which correlates with the fight or flight response, chronic stress does damage to the body. Having the ability to break away from the normal routine where stress is built can reduce the constant high levels of these hormones.

You are also less likely to experience burnout in your workspace therefore, taking breaks or vacations will give you a higher satisfaction in the job you do.

Resist the Chances of Sickness and Diseases

Stress that’s accumulated can alter your immune system, making you more susceptible to different illnesses, like colds and the flu. Some researchers even related stress as a contributor to cancer but one of the major diseases it contributes to is heart disease and high blood pressure.

The Framingham Heart Study provides evidence that men and women who vacations were less likely to encounter a heart attack or at risk of heart disease. Men where 32% less likely to die from a heart attack while women where 50% less likely.

Staying Focused

As mentioned, chronic stress has many negative factors to the body. Another is the affect it has on the brain. Chronic stress interferes with the section of the brain that prevents goal-directed activities and causes memory problems. Working consistently with no break or vacation can cause issues with concentration. The continuous workflow can make people feel distracted and make it difficult to complete tasks, not only in work but every day life.

Those who take regular vacations come back feeling energized and ready to handle any tasks handed.

Improve Sleeping Pattern

The amount of sleep we get is a reflection of how you go about in your day and how you perform. When going on vacation, your body is in a different routine where it is able to relax and not think about situations happening at home or work.

The detachment the mind feels allows your sleeping habit to increase where you can sleep peacefully.

These habits that are created while on vacation are usually brought back home where you will at least an hour more of quality sleep.

Strengthen Your Relationships

Whether it is your family, significant other or those you love, spending time and enjoying your surrounding with one another builds a stronger relationship. When it comes to family, there has been a correlation with children academic achievement with family vacations.

As for the relationship between significant others and spouse, there is increase of romance. Since vacations usually make people feel sexier, there is more romance in the relationship which boosts your sex life.

Vacationing with the people you love definitely create unforgettable memories than any other activity. This then changes people’s mentality over materialistic goods where they value shared experiences over any commodity.

Boost Your Creativity

When vacationing, your brain gets to relax but also reorganize itself. This reorganize is a result of the brain’s neuroplasticity, it rearranges itself by forming new connection, which is due to experiencing and learning new things. Adam Galinsky, professor and chair of the management division at Columbia Business School, has done various studies of this to show how traveling does enhance creativity and job performance.

Dropping A Few Pounds

This might be contrary to belief but going on vacation can help you drop a few pounds. In response to stress, many people admit to overeating to cope with various situations which eventually leads to gaining weight. As much of a terrible habit this is, it can lead to serious illnesses like heart disease.

Even though it is common to eat as much as you want on vacation, going away usually gives people more energy to see new places. The curiosity leads to doing more activity than you will do on a daily basis.

Dropping a few pounds may sound a bit counter intuitive, especially when you think about an “all inclusive” vacation, but keeping your head in the right place and making sure you’re consuming the right things while on vacation will help tremendously.

Becoming More Productive

Even though it might seem that going on vacation might have you on vacation mode forever, that’s not truly whatsoever. Being able to get away from your work environment will having you coming back with much more energy and increase your productivity.

Since going on vacation reduces your chances of getting ill, you will also notice a decrease in the number of sick days you take.

Feeling Happier

Stress is a major factor as to why you should always go on a vacation as it can cause depression and anxiety, therefore, it isn’t a luxury but a necessity. It was pointed out that it helps with your mental and physical health, it boosts your creativity and builds relationships with the people you love but aside all that, you will come out feeling better.

There has been a Gallup-Heathway’s Well-Being Index study, which surveys people’s overall feeling of well-being, and those who traveled regularly always scored higher than those who didn’t.

Vacationing Keeps You Young

Chronic stress can accelerate your biologic aging which isn’t what most people want. It is evident how someone can transform not only emotionally but physically when undergoing stress.

Instead of taking medication to relieve your stress, why not going on a vacation instead? It’s highly guaranteed that it will make you feel way better than taking medication. Getting away and going on vacation will not only relieve your stress but will positively impact all other aspects in your body and relationships with others.

Going on vacation will make you feel happier in all aspects of your life. Being able to step away from your everyday routine does improve your health, motivation, job performance and allows you to recharge. This will help you handle situations that’s to come in any type of environment.

As cliché as it sounds but going on vacation is a must and it will not only have you feeling great but can potentially change your life. There are many travelers who went on that one vacation and from there, everything in their life changed. You might have a drift in your mentality that will make you realize things about yourself that you never knew before.

Though, it might not be as drastic for you but the simple of exposure of seeing something different is a satisfying and interesting experience.

The health benefits of vacationing, especially when done more frequently, extend far beyond just physical health, but also spiritual health.  It doesn’t mean you have to go to a wellness retreat or a fitness specific vacation, but more so finding ways to get away more often, and supplementing that with better lifestyle habits.

It wasn’t until I finally honed my skills in marketing online and created automated systems that I was able to find this work-life balance.  Working from home (and hotels around the world) I finally figured out that if you just keep your eyes and mind open to the possibilities you really want in and from life, they will appear for you.

From there, it’s a matter of educating yourself on life habits that will give you that balance.