Simply put, we are the official travel community for people that want to travel in style, for less, and more often.

Over the years we have traveled the world, lived in far away lands, and gone out of our way to experience life to the absolute fullest.

VIP Travel Hacks is a fun and quickly growing community we started several years ago that's filled with TRAVEL LOVERS that believe in LIVIN’ LIFE to the fullest!

Why? Because truly livin’ life is all about having more peak life experiences to share with friends and family....

It's traveling and vacationing in style, for less, and more often!

In short, it’s a state of mind, or rather a state of BEING, that begins with this basic understanding.  And that's the premise behind WHY we started VIP Travel Hacks.

Traveling better is not about juggling new credit cards (and ruining your credit in the process), and spending countless hours online trying to shave a few dollars off airfare...and it's especially not about figuring out how to make money as a travel blogger or travel agent!

It's about being SMART with your decisions and your life! 


To inspire and educate people on how to do just this: travel in style, for less, and more often. We're just like you in that way.

Your biggest breakthrough awaits,

TW & Heather
VIP Travel Hacks

P.S. Don't forget...we are constantly giving away super cool vacation stays various (AMAZING) resorts valued at $1,500 - all so you can see how we "do what we do". 


I've never been accused of being normal, but I've come to realize that few entrepreneurs are....maybe you can relate.

I started my first online business in 1999, wrote my first book in 2003, starting my consulting business for retailers shortly after and grew into a 7-figure global practice I run from home to this day. 

In 2008 I started the first of 160 websites in various niches, and in 2013 started a tee shirt business that I quickly turned into a 6-figure virtual business.

I've worked with clients while vacationing in the Leeward Islands, Belgium, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, and from various remote locations from all across the United States.

I wanted the life of a travelpreneur and through a lot of trial and error, along with some great mentors I found along the way, I made it happen.

Now, I run my online businesses, travel around the world with my wife, and share the journeys with all our followers, along with tips, tricks, and secrets we've discovered along the way that allows us to do it smarter, better, and even free in many instances.

ABOUT ME, heather

I have always been driven by my desire to help others in some way, but never had the entrepreneurial "bug" until after seeing the lifestyle my husband had when we first met.

Able to work from home, travel often, and have freedoms I didn't have I learned that being 

an entrepreneur is definitely the way to go if freedom is important to you.

About a year after we got engaged I sustained two traumatic brain injuries in a 40 day time span and, thankfully, he was able (and willing) to help care for me - the doctors told me I may not ever be able to walk again, so it was a very sobering moment for both of us.

We committed to work hard and get me walking again, no matter what, and after almost a year of grueling therapies (all while planning our wedding) I was finally able to walk independently again.  The first time he saw me do that after the accidents was when I walked down the aisle to marry him.

Since then I've had the great fortune to author a book, speak to hundreds of people from all around the world, and even be featured in a New York Times Best Seller with Jack Canfield (the Chicken Soup For The Soul guy) - all helping my share my message of HELP (Hope, Encouragement, Love, and Positivity).

Sometimes success at anything in life is having the right support systems and mentors in place.  When you combine that with the right vehicle and determination, ANYTHING is possible!

I love working with my husband, having the freedom to travel and see the world together, and never take a moment for granted.